About Food • Drink • Life

Food and drink are among my great passions in life. They bring family and friends to the table and turn everyday moments into celebrations. I am not, nor have I ever been, a professional chef or bartender.

So what am I?

An enthusiast, an obsessive researcher and a compulsive writer.

A one-time cowgirl who grew up getting kicked and sunburned on a cattle ranch in western Kansas.

A former business reporter who tracked publicly traded food, brewing and spirits companies for Bloomberg News in London.

A freelancer with a monthly cocktails & spirits column in the Kansas City Star who’s also written for The New York Times, Midwest Airlines Magazine, Reuters and others.

I have an M.S. in journalism from Northwestern University and belong to the International Association of Culinary Professionals.

In other words, someone who thinks constantly about what we’re eating, where it’s coming from, how it’s prepared and what I’m going to drink with it—and how I can share it all with you. But enough of the bona fides. Slàinte!

(And a word about the strawberries: I photographed them at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco, May 2010.)

Legal stuff: All content, including photos, on Food • Drink • Life is copyrighted unless otherwise noted. Materials may not be reproduced or distributed anywhere in any format available now or in the future without express written permission from Anne Brockhoff. In other words, don’t steal my stuff.


5 Responses to “About Food • Drink • Life”

  1. Anne, I enjoy your food blog immensely! I grew up in the Kansas City area and so I was excited to read your recent “blogging tips” article, forwarded to me by my stepdad. Keep writing!

  2. Anne,

    I read your article in the KC Star regarding kolaches. As noted, there are many types and definitions. However, trust me, the kolaches in circles with a hole punched in the middle and filled with some jam are NOT the real thing. I don’t know how to explain the real item, but have got a deal for you.
    My sister recently made some for me and I have them in the freezer. I would be glad to share (one) with you and even the owner of the Kolache Factory so you can see the difference. The recipe is from my grandmother who came over from the old country. She is the only one in her large family that made them this way, but there is no comparison.
    I live in the Stilwell area and will keep one for a couple weeks if you want to stop by.
    You can contact me at email used for this blog
    p.s. you interviewed me on some lawn/garden item a couple years back but I don’t have your contact information. I hope you get this and do take the “taste test”. It will be well worth the trip

    • One of the challenges in writing this piece was that there is clearly a chasm between homemade and commercially baked kolaches, but I hope folks can enjoy both for what they are. Thanks for the invitation to share your sister’s kolaches! Best, Anne

  3. I took my staff to Four Roses in Lawerenceberg KY last month, and we all really enjoyed it. We tried every yeast strain and mash bill separately as well as several of the trybox white dogs while there.

    The result, this brand is ina real revival, awesome and worthy of being at every bar in the US.

    We had a lot of fun there and learned a ton about the history of the business and the rebirth of this brand, We pour a ton of the single barrel (their focus) and I can not say that we had a better time anywhere in Kentucky!


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