The scavenger hunt ends

For years, mixing a cocktail at my house has been something like a scavenger hunt. A hankering for a Manhattan might lead me to the office for a new brand of rye I’d been researching, then to the basement for a fresh bottle of sweet vermouth. Bitters? They might be in the kitchen, next to the shaker. Or not.

But now, finally, we have a proper bar. Finally, a chance to gather those random bottles into one spot. Finally, a place to display glassware ranging from Riedel wine glasses and crystal snifters to the Sazerac glasses my husband brought me from the Roosevelt’s Sazerac Bar in New Orleans and “souvenir” English pint glasses.

Is there room for everything? Not a chance. I still have a bookcase filled with samples (for work purposes only, of course) downstairs. But everyday mixing is certainly less frustrating now and a whole lot more fun.

Who needs a liquor cabinet? I've got drawers!


~ by fooddrinklife on February 25, 2011.

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