Quote: local soul

“Think global, support local. That’s where the soul is,” says Craig Adcock, owner of Jude’s Kansas City Rum Cake and Belly Up Bar-B-Que, a gourmet barbecue and grilling catering company. You should certainly think about supporting his rum cake (read more about it in today’s Kansas City Star).

Craig Adcock: Peace, love and rum cake (Photo courtesy of KC Star)

Adcock’s rum cake is a humble thing to look at, but the flavor is anything but. His cakes are a homey bundt shape, golden brown and studded with Missouri pecans. Each is soaked with rum syrup while still in its pan (most recipes tell you to remove the cake, poke some holes and pour the syrup over), giving the exterior a crystalline crunch while preserving the buttery, tender heart. Oh, and he uses the exquisite Rhum Barbancourt Reserve Special 8-year-old, so the cake tastes like real rum, not someone’s artificial idea of rum.

When it comes to his rum cake, Adcock makes two promises: it’s good for up to 11 days after opening (it really is), and, if you don’t like it, he’ll give you your money back. My observations about those promises: there’s no way this cake will stick around for 11 days, it’s too good. Which is why you won’t need to take him up on No. 2.


~ by fooddrinklife on December 15, 2010.

6 Responses to “Quote: local soul”

  1. Sure enjoyed the article in the KCStar. Craig is at once a character and a gentleman. He spent an hour of his time showing me and a friend his kitchen and explained the operation…then sent us away with cake and other goodies. A rising star with his head on straight!

  2. Great comments! Craig is not only an awesome maker-of-all-things-rum-cakey-and-BBQie, he is a pretty amazing fella to boot. The only thing better than Craig’s food is Craig himself. Now, go buy some rum cakes!

  3. Anne: Good job on Craig. As a reporter/writer, I know you had to leave some really good stuff out about freewheeling Craig. But you quoted two good Craig-isms. He has a funny way of saying some things. Thanks for helping spotlight a deserving local.

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