Taste and see

Art is about more than looking, just as food is about more than eating. That thought’s stayed with me the past few days, thanks to Taste and See, a solo show by artist Lori Bury at Cara and Cabezas Contemporary.

I wandered down to Delaware and 2nd Street last weekend to have a look at Bury’s work, which the gallery’s web site says is inspired by cell structures. The sculptures “transport the armature of the microcosmic into the realm of our human-sized existence.” They are indeed molecular in appearance, but Bury is also intrigued by the ideas of community and communion.

“I was interested in people becoming part of the art,” Bury told me. “You complete the art.”

She achieves this in part by inviting viewers to touch each piece, running palms over wax formations and tickling bits of monofilament. But taste is, as advertised, also a big part of the experience. Bury created tiny bites and scattered them throughout three pieces—quarter-sized meringues topped with whipped cream and a scattering of crushed pink peppercorns. Another held gooey spoonfuls of chia seeds flavored with rose water and lemon juice with a mint leaf-ette, or marble-sized white truffles with pomegranate seed centers.

As people wandered in, they looked, they touched and ate, they looked again. Maybe they’re even still thinking about how it all fits together. I am.

(Image via Present Magazine)

~ by fooddrinklife on October 18, 2010.

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