Quote: a couple of shots

“You just can’t take a recipe and throw a couple shots of alcohol in there, because it’s not going to work,” says Krystina Castella, who co-authored Booze Cakes: Confections Spiked with Spirits, Wine and Beer with Terry Lee Stone. She should know. I interviewed Castella today for an upcoming piece about baking with spirits. I’ve spent, oh, maybe a few days researching the topic so far. Castella’s been working with booze and cake for years. First came Crazy About Cupcakes, in 2006, then Booze Cakes and next week her A World of Cake will be out. Along the way, Castella’s learned how alcohol affects a cake’s flavor, texture, ability to rise and so on. She’s learned that things like amaretto and kirsh play nice with cake; vodka and gin do not. That cupcakes pack more of a punch than bigger cakes with longer baking times. Above all, the book looks fun; I haven’t tested any of the recipes yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Who needs cocktails when you can eat cake?

Black Forest Cupcakes (photo via Booze Cakes)

~ by fooddrinklife on September 13, 2010.

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