GKCBC returns Aug. 29

The 4th Annual Greater Kansas City Bartending Competition returns to The Uptown Theater on Aug. 29. It’s always fun to see the town’s best bartenders sling drinks onstage, but co-founder Ryan Maybee promises things will be even better this year. Live music in the lounge. Audience vote via text message. Sample tables from local “beverage industry” businesses. Food from The Drop, R Bar, Grunauer and other eateries. And a tasting room featuring the drinks of all 12 finalists. That last feature is perhaps the best, since it’s always frustrating to see someone craft an exquisite cocktail that you don’t get to drink. No word yet on who the judges are—past panels have included such luminaries as Dale DeGroff and David Wondrich. Doug Frost, who helped launch the competition, is always on-hand to help and entertain. Who else shows up? Usually bartenders and others in the service industry (that’s why it’s on a Sunday night), but also foodies, cocktail geeks and curious out-of-towners. And you, if you’re up for some cocktail exhibitionism.

~ by fooddrinklife on July 7, 2010.

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